Clinical Executor Access

Therapeutic Will: Add your Clinical Executor to your Kiku Account

Add a Clinical Executor to your Kiku account for full peace of mind.

In the event of an emergency they'll be able to access your Kiku account to ensure that your clients are informed and fully supported.

Prepare for the unexpected

None of us like to think about our own mortality and yet in our work we know all too well how random misfortune can land at any time.

Given the important role we play for our clients it's vital that we make provisions for them in the event of our sudden death or incapacitation.

Creating a clinical will that you agree with your designated Clinical Executor is a great way to ensure that your clients will be well supported in your absence

How it works

Add your Clinical Executor details to your Kiku Account Settings

In the event of your sudden death or incapacitation your Clinical Executor will simply need to contact our support team to request access to your Kiku account.

We'll do a quick security check before handing control of your account over to them.

They'll be able to login to your Kiku account to access your diary, client contact details, financial reports etc.

Make sure your clients are always well supported

Download a free clinical will template here

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