GDPR compliant

Stay GDPR compliant with Kiku. Image with woman on laptop. Key and padlock icons indicate security.

Store and process data in accordance with GDPR

Kiku is fully GDPR compliant and has been designed by therapists, with client confidentiality as a top priority.

Private and secure

Our encrypted, password and 2FA protected platform safely processes and stores your client data.

When a client books in with you for the first time we'll automatically anonymise the diary entry using only their first name, last name initial and designated client reference number. 

Session notes and income reports are similarly anonymised and, for added security, we password protect your session notes and pdf downloads.

Find out more about how we store and process your data here.

Take e-consent when home working

We'll capture your client's consent to the storage and processing of their data digitally when they book a session online.

Where you have booked a client in yourself, or they have chosen to pay for the session outside of Kiku, you can manually issue a GDPR e-consent request to ensure you have permission to hold their details.

This means you can stay fully GDPR compliant even when working remotely.

Automated archiving

Once therapy has come to an end, we'll help you to make sure that you are only retaining the necessary client data.

When you archive a client record, we'll automatically remove their contact, GP and emergency contact details. The client's name, appointment history, payment history, session notes, Kiku messages and uploaded documents will still be held.

In accordance with industry standards, this archived client record will be stored for 7 years, at which point we'll send you a reminder to let you know it's time to delete all data.

Get GDPR support

When first starting out in private practice GDPR can feel like a mountain to climb. We'll help you to get on top of it.

With our client agreement template you'll be shown what information you need to share with your clients at the start of therapy. 

We'll automatically issue this to your clients at the point of booking, so they are aware of their rights under GDPR prior to their first session. 

You'll also find guidance and free resources on how to stay GDPR compliant in the Hub.

You do the therapy, we'll do the rest

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