Flexible payments

Take payments with ease with Kiku

Offer your clients a range of payment options

These days convenience is King. Give your clients the convenience of making payment by card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or their Kiku account, simply using their smartphone or tablet, whilst also making your life a whole lot easier with Kiku's automated accounting processes.

Accept card payments

Use the Pay By Kiku options to automate your payment and accounting processes. 

Once payment has been received we'll immediately update your diary, log the income in your financial report and generate a receipt for your client.

Your clients can pay by card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, and once they've added card details to their free Kiku account they can send payment at the click of a button, simply using their phone. 

Card details are securely stored by Stripe. This means clients can quickly and easily pay for sessions and we can automatically process any refunds on your behalf.

With Kiku's online card payment terminal you can sell products and take miscellaneous payments. We'll log a record of the transaction in your income report and auto-generate your client's receipt.

Shape Kiku to fit your needs

You can adapt Kiku to suit your service requirements with our range of payment options.

If you're taking payment outside of the Kiku system, by cash, BACS or an external card terminal, you can manually mark sessions as paid to access Kiku's accounting support features.

We'll update the colour code in the diary to help you keep track of unpaid sessions and update your income report so your end of year accounts are always correct. 

Kiku will also automatically generate a receipt for your client that can be downloaded directly from their Kiku dashboard.

They'll immediately have this for their records, without you having to lift a finger.

Create invoices with ease

If a third party is paying for your client's sessions, you can automatically generate individual and collated invoices by selecting the BACS payment option. 

Add the referrer details and relevant case reference numbers to your client record.

We'll auto-populate the invoice with all the necessary information for you. Check over and edit, where necessary, before downloading the pdf file ready for submission.

Once generated, the invoice will be logged in your Invoices Raised table. When you receive payment, simply mark the invoice as paid and we'll update the diary entries and your income records accordingly. 

Therapy Team: We'll notify the relevant counsellor that the invoice has been paid, so they're kept in the loop. We're all about keeping the admin load to a minimum.

Get paid weekly

When Kiku processes a payment on your behalf the funds (less our card processing fee) are sent to your Stripe Connect account. 

You'll see this has been added to the Stripe Balance on your dashboard the next time you log in. 

So we can process any refunds for you, funds are held for between 6 and 11 days before being sent to your bank account. 

Payouts are made to your account each Monday. 

Stripe collects your income from Wednesday to Tuesday each week and the total taken during this period is then paid to you the following Monday. 

You'll be able to see your next payout total in your dashboard when you login on a Wednesday morning.

You do the therapy, we'll do the rest

Available on the Therapy Planner and The Works support plans

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