Secure client messaging

Secure and confidential in house messaging with Kiku

Let clients know that their privacy is your priority

Offer your clients greater confidentiality with our secure, in house messaging system and communicate without leaving an email or call trail.

Private and confidential

Login to your password and 2FA protected Kiku account to view and send messages.

The content of your communications will always stay within the encrypted Kiku platform and will only be accessible by you and your client.

You and your client will receive a generic external email letting you know that you have a new message in your inbox.

Quick and convenient

Send direct messages to your client from their client record in your database or their appointment entry in your diary.

Similarly, your client can message you directly from their Kiku dashboard.

If they're having any issues logging on or finding your clinic, you can communicate with each other quickly and easily to resolve the matter.

You do the therapy, we'll do the rest

Say goodbye to admin for 30 days, for free!

Start using Kiku for free today, no credit card needed and no strings attached. Simply choose your plan and find out how easy managing your practice can be.

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