Financial reporting

Keep track of your counselling business finances with Kiku

We make the accounting part easy

See at a glance records of your income, outgoings and outstanding invoices for the period. Compare to the previous period and download csv and pdf reports, invoices and receipts for your records and HMRC submission.

Handy financial dashboard

Keep an eye on how your business is doing with our at a glance financial overviews.

View your monthly income, outgoings, cancellation fees, refunds and outstanding invoices, and compare with the previous month to see how things change over time.

Generate reports for your accounts

Kiku keeps track of all of your income logged in the system. 

Download month end and year end financial reports in csv and pdf formats for your records and direct submission to the HMRC.

Store everything in one place

Keep a log of your business outgoings to store an accurate record of your expenses for the financial period.

Download your expenses report to send to your accountant or submit directly to the HMRC.

Keep tabs on your outstanding invoices

Kiku keeps a log of the invoices you've created so you can readily see what remains outstanding, when the invoice was raised and how much is owed.

Marking invoices as paid automatically updates your diary, income report and income overview.

You do the therapy, we'll do the rest

Say goodbye to admin for 30 days, for free!

Start using Kiku for free today, no credit card needed and no strings attached. Simply choose your plan and find out how easy managing your practice can be.

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