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Accept bookings anytime, anywhere

In this fast paced world, many clients want the speed and convenience of online bookings so they can quickly make an appointment without having to send an email or pick up the phone.

Add our booking feature to your website

Add the Kiku booking feature to your own website or direct clients to your Kiku profile page. 

Here they'll be able to view the appointments you have available over the next 6 days.

This ensures that your diary isn't overloaded and that next week's sessions are kept open for current clients.

Start maximising your bookings

Starting therapy is stressful and new clients want to get booked in straight away. 

It can therefore be really easy to miss out on new referrals when we’re away from our devices.

Rather than you having to be "on" all the time, Kiku lets you accept new referrals anytime, anywhere without having to do a thing. 

How it works

On selecting their chosen session, your client will be guided through the booking process. 

Once payment has been processed you will receive a notification with details of the new appointment.

Your Kiku diary will be updated and (if it's a new client) we'll add them to your client database along with the contact details they've provided.

Your client will receive all of the information they need for their session and will be able to download a receipt from their Kiku dashboard.

It's all automatic

When a new client books in with you, Kiku will automatically 

1. Capture their contact details and consent under GDPR

2. Process payment

3. Issue your Appointment Confirmation message and Client Agreement

All this while you simply sit back and relax.

Available on The Works support plan for only £12.99 / month

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You do the therapy, we'll do the rest

Say goodbye to admin for 30 days, for free!

Start using Kiku for free today, no credit card needed and no strings attached. Simply choose your plan and find out how easy managing your practice can be.

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