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How do I set my account up?

Once you've logged into your dashboard work your way through the My Practice Settings sub-sections to define your service details.

  • Compete your account details
  • Define your services, fees and availability
  • Save your automated emails
  • Upload your terms of business (template provided)
  • Set your cancellation policy

Then you are good to go. If you're linked to an organisation on Kiku, your administrator will already have completed the last three.

If you want to use our card processing and online bookings features you'll need to add your bank details and if you want to advertise events on our site, you'll need to create a free Kiku profile.

Say goodbye to admin for 30 days, for free!

Start using Kiku for free today, no credit card needed and no strings attached. Simply choose your plan and find out how easy managing your practice can be.

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