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Practice Management Software for counsellors in private practice

By Elizabeth Coleman

You’ve probably heard of Practice Management Software, but maybe still don’t know exactly what it is or how it works. There are lots of practice management software packages out there, which one is best for your private practice and what can it offer you?

A large private counselling business will likely have a dedicated practice administrator who performs those time consuming business admin tasks. However, most private therapists are sole practitioners, which means the admin work falls to you. 

If you have practised for any length of time, you know just how much time and work it really takes to run a successful therapy business, not to mention how easy it is to make mistakes, forget important client data etc.

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Practice management is the term used for the administrative and business side of a counselling practice.

With practice management software, all the hard work of this is done for you. 

It provides one secure place to store all your client data, clinical notes, scheduling and financial information; and automates client communications and payments for you. Saving you lots of time (and worry!). 

With practice management software you can also run your counselling business from anywhere there is internet access. There are so many advantages!

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The best practice management software package for therapists will include:

 - Client database

- Appointment and scheduling features

- GDPR compliant clinical notes storage

- Financial reporting

- Payment options and functionality

- Client correspondence templates

- Automatic email and SMS communications

- Appointment and payment reminder scheduling

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With practice management software, counselling clients can book appointments themselves using online booking functionality, which means vastly reduced telephone calls and emails for you.

The client contact details captured during the booking process is automatically added into a client record, your diary is updated and appointment confirmation communications to the client are issued.

And with automatic appointment reminders, DNAs become a thing of the past, saving you not only time but crucially, also income loss.

How does practice management software benefit your clients?

Practice management software can greatly improve your counselling clients experience of your private practice. The best practice management software for therapists will look good, streamline the booking and appointment management processes, and eradicate the mistakes and omissions that can happen with a busy practice.

Clients can relax knowing that their data is stored securely in line with GDPR compliance. Your clients will be impressed with how professional your practice looks and runs, and the care that this shows!

Also, what seasoned private practice counsellors know is that most clients prefer to book appointments online rather than using the telephone.

Paying online is enormously preferable to in person cash transactions, and on your end, booking no longer is limited to the time you have outside of sessions. Instead, clients can book anytime and anywhere!

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