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The importance of having a Clinical Executor

By Elizabeth Coleman

The first I time I heard the term ‘Clinical Executor’ was during my 5 year UKCP accreditation renewal, when I was asked if I had agreed and had made arrangements with someone to be my Clinical Executor.

Looking into it, it quickly became apparent that naming a clinical executor is very important, not only from a practical standpoint, but as a fundamental ‘duty of care’ for your clients.

Young woman holds the hand of an older woman in a sign of support

What is a Clinical Executor?

A Clinical Executor is the person who will manage and carry out your practice obligations in the unfortunate event of an emergency, for instance if you were to become incapacitated by illness, or an accident, or were to die suddenly.

Usually, another counsellor or your clinical supervisor would be the best placed person to be your Clinical Executor. 

You and your Clinical Executor would need to discuss and agree, usually in the form of a Clinical Executor agreement as part of your Clinical Will, what administrative, clinical and financial tasks would need to be carried out in the event that you are prevented from continuing to work.

Hands holding a red cardboard heart with the word support written on it representing clinical counselling support

What does a Clinical Executor do?

  • Contacts your clients (or any other relevant professionals) and notifies them of the situation. Arranging support sessions or taking over the client work where necessary.
  • Deals with client records and clinical notes.
  • Ensures your professional body is notified.
  • Tidies up or cancels any professional financial agreements, subscriptions, etc
  • Arranges completion of any outstanding client fees.

Kiku’s Clinical Executor feature is a simple, safe and fast way of ensuring that your clients are taken care of in the event of an emergency. 

We'll store your Clinical Executor’s details securely, and if ever needed, after a short security check, we'll give them access to your Kiku account so they can support your clients on your behalf.

For help putting a Clinical Will together click here.

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