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Free2BMe is a UK-wide service providing counselling, psychological therapies and coaching to neurodivergent individuals aged 16+, whether formally diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or just starting to explore the possibilities for the first time. We were established in 2022 and our team is entirely neurodivergent, so we bring not just our professional experiences to our work, but our lived experience as well.

Therapy with us...

We understand that counselling, therapy and coaching need to be adapted for neurodivergent needs and that professionals working with neurodivergent clients need a combination of the right training, expertise and ethos to provide ethical and effective support.

We work with a neurodiversity affirming model – while our practitioners might have different kinds of training and ways of practicing, we are all unified by our core aim of working ethically, sensitively and respectfully with neurological differences such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, bipolar conditions, brain injuries and Tourette’s syndrome. We are not here to "fix" your neuro-difference, because you are not broken. We aim to support our clients to work with their brains and live an authentic, fulfilled life with the divergent mind you have. We also practice according to trauma informed principles.


Our therapists and coaches are trained in a variety of ways of working. Most of our therapy team practice integrative therapy, which means we are trained in different ways to offer therapy and can tailor what we do to for clients' needs. Our ethos is always person-centred - the person that matters most is you, and what you need and want from your sessions. Our coaches practice neuro-affirmative coaching to help you develop coping strategies and ways of organising your life that actually work for you as a neurodivergent person.

Areas of Expertise

Tourette's Syndrome
Chronic health conditions, including ME, chronic fatigue and Long Covid
Pre and post neurodevelopmental diagnosis support
PTSD/CPTSD and trauma
Mood disorders/PMDD
Menopause and women's issues
Relationship difficulties
Parenting, caring and support for carers of neurodivergent children and adults
Sex and sexuality
Identity and self-esteem
Education and work difficulties
Executive function
Teens age 16-18
Online therapy/coaching

Services and Fees

Pricing information for Free2BMe Therapy Services
Individual Therapy Initial session Free £65.00
Therapy session £30.00 £75.00
Initial session
Therapy session £68.75 £68.75
Supervision Initial session Free Free
Therapy session £82.50 £82.50
Coaching Initial session Free Free
Therapy session £75.00 £93.75

Approaches Offered

Strengths Based
Solution Focused/Brief therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Mindfulness, yoga and somatic approaches
Polyvagal approaches for nervous system regulation
Trauma focused CBT
Life coaching
Study coaching
Work coaching (including Access to Work and employer funded coaching)

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 24 hours notice of any changes to appointments to be eligible for a refund.

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Meet Our Therapists

Ms Elizabeth Smith

Sheffield, Shipley

I'm Liz, a BACP accredited therapist and I specialise in working with neurodivergence, ...

Mx andie alker
Integrative Counsellor

My name is Andie and I am an Intregrative Counsellor and therapist. This means that during...

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