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The luminous landscape of the afterlife by Matthew McKay
Therapy Books

Luminous Landscape of the Afterlife by Matthew McKay

In this age of existential crises, death anxiety is coming more and more into the counselling room. How can we help?

By Jade Donnelly

Business plan for counsellors
Business Resources for Counsellors

Creating a business plan

A business plan can be a great way to order your thoughts and get clear on how you are going to run and market your counselling business, as well as support you to obtain investment later on.

By Dr Rhian Lewis

Setting up your Counselling room
Business Advice for Counsellors

Setting up your counselling room

This is one of the most exciting parts of starting private practice. Whilst we all have our own particular preferences, there are a few universals you can consider to boost your chances of success.

By Joanne Thornton

Qualifications to become a counsellor
Counselling Toolbox

Training as a counsellor: How to choose the right qualification

We're often asked what qualifications do you need to become a counsellor? There are many routes you can take on this journey. We're here to help you choose the right one for you.

By Kiku

Eight Dates Essential Conversations for a lifetime of love by John Gottman
Therapy Books

Eight Dates by John & Julie Gottman

Helping couples find their way back to each other can be a challenging process. We need all the tools we can get! Eight Dates offers the perfect intimacy exercises for between sessions.

By Jade Donnelly

Managing your therapy schedule
Business Advice for Counsellors

Caseload management for counsellors

Successfully managing appointment scheduling is an essential part of running a counselling business. Here's our guide on getting the most out of your therapy planner

By Kiku

Golden piggy bank_Tax return advice for counsellors
Business Advice for Counsellors

A quick guide to a quick tax return

As self-employed counsellors, completing your year end tax return can be a daunting task. Here's our how to guide to help you through the process.

By Annette Christie

Waking the tiger by Peter A. Levine
Therapy Books

Waking The Tiger by Peter A. Levine

What happens to our brain and body in response to trauma and how and why do post-traumatic symptoms manifest? Peter Levine offers counsellors an invaluable framework for both understanding and working with trauma.

By Sharon Zucker

client notes software
Business Advice for Counsellors

Why we keep clinical session notes

Maintaining accurate records of counselling sessions is mentioned in most professional ethical guidelines. What does this mean in practice though?

By Elizabeth Coleman

On learning from the patient book cover. Text for depth psychotherapists
Therapy Books

Learning from the Patient by Patrick Casement

An essential training text for anyone who is interested in depth therapy and the power of tuning into unconscious communications of our clients.

By Dr Rhian Lewis

Marketing your therapy practice on google
Business Advice for Counsellors

Marketing your counselling business with Google

Listing your profile on google is a great way to increase visibility and boost SEO performance when building your private practice. Best of all it's free!

By Kiku

EMDR for counsellors
Counselling Toolbox

EMDR's Four Elements for Stress Relief

Feeling overwhelmed? Or looking for a way to help an anxious client? This easy and effective four step relaxation strategy might just be the ticket.

By Sharon Zucker

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